Below Ground 1000 Litre Grease Trap Plumber Inner West Sydney

Grease Trap Installation in Newtown, Sydney. 1000lt Inground Grease Trap

The shop is a long and thin shop on King Street, Newtown. Due to the amount concrete footings or foundations in our planned grease trap location we needed to change our original plan of having the grease trap installed outside to moving it to the inside of the shop.

We installed the grease at the rear of the shop and needed to alter the plans or drawings to call that section a bin room. The room need to be vented to outside, which we achieved by cutting a square in the back door and installing a air grill. If we could get access to outside for ventilation then we would need to install mechanical vent skills or exhaust fans.

This property also had a grouped sewage system so the main sewer connection was in the neighbours shop and this meant we needed to cut open in their courtyard a smallish section of concrete so we could make our grease trap pipe connection at a lower point so as to have gravity fall from the grease trap outlet.

The job was all successful despite the issues associated with the excessive amount of concrete. Both Sydney Water and The Department of Fair Trading gave us approval on the completed job.

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