Gold Coast Blocked Drain

Gold Coast Blocked Drain

If you live in the Gold oast and your drain is blocked or overflowing we can unblock it in a hurry and keep your costs down.

Our equipment is First Class. Very efficient and extremely effective. Call to chat with one of our Plumbers to try to solve your drainage issue.

There are two types of drain blockages.

1: Local drain blockages are right near to the toilet “S” bend or sinks and basins. These generally can be fixed with plumbers hand tools and save the cost of rhe heavy petrol equipment.

2: The second kind is Main Drain Blockages. This is when we require the Jetter or petrol powered high water pressure drain machine that can cut through 90% of blocked drains in 30 minutes.  It is advisable to spend some more time slowly clearing and cleaning the drain pipe to eliminate any potential future blockage causing intrusions.

We unblock drains on residential, industrial and commercial premises, for Real Estate Agents and Strata Management Services.

Fast and Cost Effective way to Remove the Drain Blockage
Unblock Drains Quickly. Drain Machine. High Pressure Water Jetter

This Jetter is a high water pressure machine for blocked drainage.  Don’t be misled by cheap drain offers.  Often a quote of $99 or a price thereabouts is just for the use of hand tools and clearing sinks.  It is always more expensive for the main drain pipe blockage as larger more expensive equipment is needed to remove blockages in large drain pipes.

Drain Clearing Time

drain clearing jobs take 45 minutes- 1 hour.

Drainage Machine hire is the Drain High Pressure Water Jetter, or Drain Camera and Location Device if required.

Using a drainage camera with location a device you can locate the exact location in the drain pipe of the crack, broken or collapsed section of the drain.

Drain Camera Inspection for Location of Problem Area

A Drain Camera Inspection is available and is advisable if you have your drain unblocked regularly or you are concerned that things are getting worse.
Clearing a blocked drain pipe is like a hair cut.  The roots will if not removed grow back into the system.  This is something that cannot be avoided without repairing the sewer or storm water drain pipe.
Experiencing one of these problems: blocked toilet, blocked sink, overflowing drains, overflowing sewerage, blocked stormwater, clogged drains for grease traps?  If so we can help!
Emergency Blocked Drain Action Plan:
1:   Keep the kids away from the affected area.
2:   Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It can be solved!  We can help!
3:   Call a Plumber who is equipped to unblock your drainage pipe.
4:   Try to turn any taps off that are draining into the now blocked drain.
5:   Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn’t.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
6:    Scooper Plumbing will be there shortly to sort it out for you.

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