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How Much Does A Grease Trap Cost To Install?

This is a very open ended question.  Of course the price of any grease trap installation comes down to many factors such as the size of the grease trap and the position in which it will be install such as a in ground or an above ground grease trap.  Different properties and businesses may require a grease trap pump station as well.  No doubt this will impact the cost and final price of the grease trap installation.   There are also parking issues and skip bin and excavation removal issues that can fluctuate greatly.

Sydney Water works on a general rule on cafe restaurant sits.  They base this on that X amount of people create a certain amount of dishwater and fats and oils the run into the grease trap.  For this matter as and example if you intend to have a cafe/ restaurant with 80 seats then as a blanket rule they will require you to have a 1500 litre grease trap.  They expect that 80 people create so many litres per hour/ day to pass through the grease trap.

Example: A 5000 litre grease trap installed below the ground we difficult access will be 10 times the cost of a 1000 litre grease trap being installed outside the back door of the local bakery.  The bakery could cost for an in ground grease trap tank system between $16000-25000 and the 5000 litre system could be anywhere from $35000-90000.  Each job is truly on a case by case bases.  These prices or costs should not be taken as too seriously as grease trap jobs vary so much.

Grease Trap Regulations

To gain the correct approvals both Sydney Water and the Department of Fair Trading need to be informed whenever a new grease trap is to be installed.

Issues that are critical to a successful grease trap installation are the venting system, Drainage and Backflow Prevention which is a water safety device that is required on every grease trap installation and must be within so many metres of the grease trap so the grease trap pump out guys and clean out the tank.

Grease Trap Sydney Repairs or for a New Cafe, Bakery or Restaurant Trade Waste Requirements.

Grease Trap Installations whether it be a replacement,, repair or a brand new installation need to comply with the regulations and these are quite extensive. The Department of Fair Trading are the plumbing and drainage regulators in Sydney and Sydney Water are the ones who inspect just the grease trap or the trade waste installation.

All Councils and Water Authorities are extremely concerned about grease traps being installed incorrectly. When a grease trap is installed incorrectly the drainage system on the street take the excess of fats and oils and this clogs or causes a blocked drain.  They will trace the cause back to a incorrect installation and may impose a drain clearing fee. For this reason only use a plumber with proof of grease trap experience. There are a couple of us. Not every plumber is truly familiar with grease traps and all there rules.

When a Grease Trap Needs Repair or a Replacement

Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements in Sydney are very common as most of the Grease Traps in Sydney that were installed were made from fibre glass or concrete. Concrete and fibreglass grease traps breakdown and end up collapsing inwards.  There may be a better option or grease trap tanks available then the one you already may have.  In most cases we can reuse the existing location and make the hole larger and install a much better and always a higher quality grease trap system. Read More

Common Concerns Regarding Grease Trap Installations

Installing the Grease Trap in Sydney whether above or below the ground plastic, concrete or fibreglass is only about 60% of the job completed when is comes to gaining an approval from the local Water Authority and the Trade Waste Inspector.

Extras in relation to gaining approval for your grease trap may seem unrelated but are 100% required. Some of these requirements are the designing of the drainage and the venting system which is always unique to any grease trap installation, Water safety or protection devices or what is called in the industry "Backflow Prevention Devices", and certain floor drainage components such as "Basket Traps and Strainers" among others are also a requirement.

Our aim is to provide you with a quotation that includes all of the requirements that will meet all of the Local Water Authorities approval needs. You may feel that our quote is higher then others that have priced your job but we can assure you that we do not hide information with the purpose of gaining variations later or misleading you.

Variations that may come up are only if you change your plans or if we hit rock or obstacles like electrical pipes that prevent the work from carrying on as per plan during excavation work. These are mentioned in all of our quotations. All of our prices are open from the beginning so you are aware of the total cost to gain the appropriate approval.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us for advice on sizing, diagrams, cleaning, details you require for your cafe, restaurant, butcher or any food related business.  We are more then happy to help.

Scooper Plumbing has the experience to install a wide variety of Grease Traps in an array of different property configurations. Grease Trap Systems that you may be aware of are below ground to above ground tanks. We have also installed Grease Traps on the top of a building to others that are just behind the kitchen wall. We are able to work out the diagram and communication with the local inspectors to comply with there instructions in the best possible so as to have your Grease Trap installed at your business at a fast as possible and totally to the water authorities requirements.

Information on above and below ground grease trap option

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