Grease Trap Pump Pit Repair and Replacement

Grease Trap Pit Collapse

This job is a stinky one. The room is small and the grease trap pump pit has got a collapsed wall and the grease water is flowing through the soil and sand and making its way to the stormwater and this is causing an excessive smell in the basement carpark.

Our job is to dig out the old grease trap pit which is fibrecrete which is concrete mixed with fibreglass. Over time these tanks whether a larger grease trap or a pit will breakdown and collapse. Plastic replacements are definitely the best solution or if this is not possible due to costs you may need to form up a new pit and waterproof the tank.

We prefer the plastic tanks by far from companies like Viking Plastics, CV Plastics and Halgan. They all make excellent products. The  reason we use different companies is that not all jobs are the same and these companies all have different tank options and sizes that may be best sorted for a particular installation.

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