Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements. Damaged or To Small

Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements

Grease Trap Repairs Needed. Damaged, Cracked or Leaking?

Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements are very common as most of the Grease Traps installed are made from fibre glass or concrete.  These Grease traps are very good but they do have a shelf life due to the nature of the material and the corrosive element of the grease trap contents.  The companies that make the concrete and fibreglass grease traps are solid and reliable and do a great job but the concrete and fibreglass ones just don’t last as long as the poly systems.  Having said that, there are many instances that can only be fulfilled by a non poly system.

Poly Plastic Grease Trap Replacements

Poly Systems are very durable and long lasting and perfect for grease trap repairs/ replacement options.  Once again the company that makes these plastic grease traps are a very good and trustworthy business as well.  Plastic grease traps are a little easy to install as they weigh less then the other grease traps and do not always require a crane to lower them in to position.


Poly or Plastic grease traps are called Modular Grease Traps.  What does this mean?

The plastic Grease Traps come in 500, 600,1000, 1100, 1500, 2000, 3000 ,l4000 and 5000 litre tanks.  Lets say you have a large restaurant or its for a food court and you require a minimum of a 5000 litre grease trap. If you wanted a plastic modular grease trap you would have to join say a 3000 and a 2000 litre grease trap together via a drainage connection pipe and this would now be a 5000 litre grease trap.

Why Would I Install a Modular Grease Trap?

If your old system has collapsed and there is know way of getting a large concrete or fibreglass system into this same location as the building has been built around or over the grease trap then the modular grease trap system is ideal.  You are able to take in smaller tanks through the building and still meet the litre requirement.  This is just a basic look at your options. Off course not all situations allow for either system to be installed.  There is generally always a way.

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Shannon is an extremely professional and wonderful individual. Our water heater blew out and he was able to come in the next day to install a new one in a single afternoon, by himself no less. He charged us a very affordable price that beat all the other quotes we were given by a decent margin. My mum and I are very happy with his work, and will definitely be recommending him to anyone in the future.

James Chen Ashfied Sydney

Shannon is BRILLIANT! What a nice guy. He certainly knows his job and does it well. I have told lots of people if they need a plumber in a hurry that is affordable and efficient, Shannon is the person to contact. Extremely happy to recommend him.

Came quick and on time to fix our leaking toilet. Great price and tidy. Will use him again for sure next time I need plumbing done. Highly recommend Shannon to others.

Shannon did an exceptionally excellent job and I am very happy with the solution he presented to rectify our burst pipe in the wall. Everything works perfectly now.

Wish you all best

Thank you

Sam Kodsi

Chiswick NSW

Wesam Kodsi Fivedock, Sydney

Our hot water heater gave in late on a Thursday night and i spent a good 30 mins seaching for a new Rinnai or Bosch to replace it.

I called Shannon from Scooper Plumbing. He arrived around an hour or so later and quoted good fixed price!!!

He was clean, polite, friendly and gave honest advice which i appreciate. He then cleaned the area he worked on and I couldn't be happier!

I have no hesitation in recommending him and his business to family and friends and he is my new Plumber.

Thanks Shannon . 👌

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