How To Choose A Grease Trap Plumber

How To Choose A Grease Trap Plumber

Whether you choose to use Scooper Plumbing or not, please make sure that you choose a plumber that has lots of experience installing Grease Traps. Here are some good sound reasons for this.

1:  If the plumber is not familiar with the extensive amount of regulations surrounding any grease trap installations, then in most cases the grease trap may be installed incorrectly.  If this is the case, your business will be unable to be opened until the Water Authority has given it’s approval.  In some cases you may be forced to have the non compliant grease trap installation rectified before they will issue you a final approval.  This may cost you thousands in lost revenue, plus a large extras bill for work that was not allowed for in the initial quote.

2: The plumber who is not so experienced may promote a system that is technically ok, but not the best or cheapest option for your business.  Sometimes a long term view and a minor change at the construction stage may save thousands over the next 5 year period as well as long into the future.

3:  The wrong choice of grease trap and the wrong sizing can be a thorn in the flesh.  Pump systems are great and in some cases they are the only possible option. But they come with a bitter twist as they fail when you are at your busiest period in the week.  We always seem to have to attend to grease trap pump failures at 9PM on a Friday or Saturday night to attempt to repair a blocked or burnt out grease trap pump system.  Try to visualise the kitchen floor with all your staff working with a few inches of drain water around their feet and everything now up off the floor and on the benches and you this are trying to serve customers ad not them know anything has gone wrong or the food is not contaminated in anyway.

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