Rinnai Infinity 26 Installation Price & Review

Installation of a Rinnai Infinity 26 or Rinnai B26

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Rinnai Infinity Hot-Water Installation

Rinnai Infinity 26 Installed

Example for one of our jobs and how the price worked out. We installed a Rinnai Infinity 26. We needed to remove an electric Rheem 250 litre hot water heater. The old electric Rheem was installed years ago in the middle of the house and it was a long way from the bathrooms and kitchen. We installed the new Rinnai 26 very close to the kitchen and the bathrooms. Not only is the owner going to save on energy and water loss but will enjoy having hot water quicker when they need it. Our Installation of a Rinnai Infinity 26 package is $1799 Incl GST. How Much you may want to know. Click here.  http://www.scooperplumbing.com.au/rinnai-infinity-26-installation/ Extras On this job were $370. We needed to remove the old hot water system. The new hot water line connected through the wall up on the first floor and the extra pipe required was 10 metres of copper which was over the included 4 metre allowance.

This hot water installation required a extra 6 metres at $49 a metre. Extra $2284. Rinni Infinity 26 temperature adjustment is part of our service. This system supplied on this job was set at 50 degrees. We increased the temperature from 50 to 55 degrees as per request. Other Rinnai systems are known as non preset models and are set to 60 degrees. If you require hotter the Rinai needs to be specially ordered. This job in the end cost only $2284 Incl GST. Not bad for a newly installed Rinnai Infinity 26 hot water system as it will last 20 year plus based on our experience.

The Rinnai Infinity 26 MJ Rating is 199MJ/H (mega joules per hour) so it makes it compatible with most natural gas meters and LPG gas regulators.  Keep in mind though f you have LPG and are now adding a Rinnai 26 there is a very good possibility that you will need to  get a larger LPG regulator as the standard one most plumbers install is only rated at 230 MJ/H.  You won’t notice anything but your Rinnai Infinity will not be working to it’s maximum performance and therefore lead you to believe that the hot water system you bought and the reviews you read are false.

(Keep in mind a Rinnai 26 Touch is a different system. Read more about it here)

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Rinnai Infinity 26 manual Download Manual

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