Rheem 27 vs Rinnai Infinity 26 Review & Price

Rheem 27 & Rheem Metro Max 26 Review vs the Rinnai 26 &  B26

Straight off the bat they are both manufactured by excellent companies with fantastic follow up service.  I can not say a bad word about either Rheem or Rinnai when it comes to their support surrounding a warranty issue.

All of my experiences have been very pleasant even though after installing hundreds of both the Rinnai and Rheem hot water systems I have only had a few minor issues. Such as a Rinnai Infinity had the internal fan which was making a noise and just needed to be realigned. Small issue. Rheem 27 had a wire that was loose and Rheem sorted this out quick sticks.

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Rheem Stellar 360 Review 160 Litre Hot Water System. Installed $1699

Rheem Stellar 360 Installed $1699

Rheem Stellar 360 is a 160 Litre Storage Gas Hot Water Heater that has an amazing hot water recovery rate (The speed in which the water gets hot again). An amazing 200 litres per hour recovery. The perfect hot water system for any household or small block of flats.

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Hot Water System

My personal review of this system is that it is the best domestic storage hot water system and even perfect for small blocks of flats and apartments. We have installed the Rheem Stellar 360 on a block of flats that had 5 studio apartments. Everybody was happy and no one ever complained of no hot water. This could be pushing the limits though in my option, especially if a few shower at the same time of day. Having said that wait 20 mins and your back in the game again.

This hot water system installed for $1699 INCL GST Installed

For the Rheem Stellar 360 Stainless Steel Model add an Extra $200 to this price

(Our Plumbing Companies Option between the Rheem 330 vs 360. It’s not worth the extra cost as it only gives you an extra 30 litres in the first hour.  Rheem Stellar 330 vs 360 have the same recovery rate at 200 litres per hour)

What is included? (Change Over, New for Old)

New Rheem Stellar 360

  • 1 x 160 litre Rheem Stellar – 360 litres of hot water in the first hour and 200 litres each hour after that
  • Removal of your old storage gas hot water system
  • Installation of the New Rheem Steller 360 gas hot water system
    Connections made to your existing pipe system
  • If a new hot water main valve is required it will cost an extra $45.  Only a 20% chance.
  • Copper pipe allowance is 4 metres.  Pipe required over 4 metres is an extra $45 per metre installed.
  • Note:  If you are changing from an electric hot water system to a new gas one you may need to extend the gas line to the nearest gas service.  This will cost the same $45 per metre from the hot water position to the existing gas pipe. (Example: extra gas pipe required is 4 metres @ $45 per metre = $180 + the Rheem Stella install cost. Total = $1779

Plumbers Rheem Stellar 360 Review:

The Rheem Stellar 330 and or 360 models are in most plumbers opinions one of the top systems available for large families with room to install a tank.  Great Choice! These systems are almost fully hot before we drive away. Rheem also have a perfect record of follow up warranty service and are super fast.  I only have praise for Rheem.
  • Rheem Stellar’s Massive 360 Litres of hot water in the first hour with only smallish 130 Litre Tank
  • Reheats 200 litres per hour
  • Slim Design.  Round front and square to the wall.
  • 10 year warranty on the storage cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 5 year labour warranty on the cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 12 month warranty on labour and parts
  • A 5 Star energy efficient water heater with fast replacement of any hot water as it’s used (also known as a huge recovery). It also features mains pressure delivery which means you can run multiple showers at once.
  • Innovative styling blends with the external home environment
  • Rheem Steller 360 SuperFlue increases both efficiency and performance

Model No: Rheem Stellar 360 850360

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Grease Trap Installations. No Loss of Trade. Meet Regulations

Costs & Information for Grease Trap Installations.

Types of Systems:

Above ground or below ground.

Plastic , Concrete or Fibreglass. Possibility of Under sink Grease Traps.

What price can I expect to pay?

How Much Does A Grease Trap Cost To Install?

This is a very open ended question.  Of course the price of any grease trap installation comes down to the size of the grease trap and the position it which it will be install in.

Example a 5000 litre grease trap installed below a restaurant will be 10 times the cost of a 1000 litre grease trap being installed outside the back door of the local bakery.  The bakery could cost for a in ground grease trap tank system between $14000-25000 and the 5000 litre system could be anywhere from $25000-60000.  Each job is truly on a case by case bases.

Grease Trap Regulations

The main requirement involve the Water Authorities the Department of Fair Trading and the Health Department. Issues that are critical to a successful grease trap installation are the Venting system, Drainage and Backflow Prevention which is a water safety device that required on every grease trap install.

Read More

Pictures of Above and Below Ground Grease Trap Installation Options

Grease Trap Fibre Glass 1000lt  Grease Trap Small Pizza Hut      

Grease Trap Sydney Repairs or New Cafe, Bakery or Restaurant Trade Waste Requirements.

Grease Trap Installations whether it be a replacement or a brand new installation need to comply with the regulations that are extensive. All Councils and Water Authorities are extremely concerned about grease traps being installed incorrectly. For this reason only use a plumber with proof of experience.

When a Grease Trap Needs Repair or a Replacement

Grease Trap Repairs and Replacements are very common as most of the Grease Traps in Sydney that were installed were made from fibre glass or concrete. Concrete and fibreglass grease traps breakdown and end up collapsing inwards.  There may be a better options or grease trap tanks available then the one you already may have.  In most cases we can reuse the existing location and make the hole larger and install a much better and sometimes a cheaper yet higher quality grease trap system. Read More

Common Concerns Regarding Grease Trap Installations

Installing the Grease Trap in Sydney whether above or below the ground plastic, concrete or fibreglass is only about 60% of the job completed when is comes to gaining an approval from the local Water Authority and the Trade Waste Inspector.

Extras in relation to gaining approval for your grease trap may seem unrelated but are 100% required. Some of these requirements are the designing of the drainage and the venting system which is always unique to any grease trap installation, Water safety or protection devices or what is called in the industry “Backflow Prevention Devices”, and certain floor drainage components such as “Basket Traps and Strainers” among others are also a requirement.

Our aim is to provide you with a quotation that includes all of the requirements that will meet all of the Local Water Authorities approval needs. You may feel that our quote is higher then others that have priced your job but we can assure you that we do not hide information with the purpose of gaining variations later or misleading you.

Variations that may come up are only if you change your plans or if we hit rock or obstacles like electrical pipes that prevent the work from carrying on as per plan during excavation work. These are mentioned in all of our quotations. All of our prices are open from the beginning so you are aware of the total cost to gain the appropriate approval.

We look forward to hearing from you soon. Call us for advice on sizing, diagrams, cleaning, details you require for your restaurants.  We are more then happy to help.

Scooper Plumbing has the experience to install a wide variety of Grease Traps in an array of different property configurations. Grease Trap Systems that you may be aware of are below ground to above ground tanks. We have also installed Grease Traps on the top of a building to others that are just behind the kitchen wall. We are able to work out the diagram and communication with the local inspectors to comply with there instructions in the best possible so as to have your Grease Trap installed at your business at a fast as possible and totally to the water authorities requirements.

Information on above and below ground grease trap option

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Vulcan Hot Water Systems Prices

Vulcan Hot Water Systems

Vulcan Hot Water made by Rheem Australia are a great choice for your place.

Quality made product. Vulcan offer great service backed by Rheem if ever required.

Full range of Vulcan hot water heater tank quickly available including sizes, 50 electric, 80 electric, 125 electric, 135 gas, 160l gas, 250l electric, 315 litre electric, 400 electric

Call for our best prices and fast service


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How To Repair a Leaking Toilet

How To Repair a Leaking Toilet

Inspect the Inlet and Outlet Valves

Get a good visual of what is going on in there.  Sometimes just a few minutes of just taking in how everything seems to work can maybe save you hours. If the water level rises above the overflow of the outlet valve which is the one in the middle, the problem may be with the float or the inlet valve. The inlet valve is connected to the water pipe and the outlet valve is what drains the water from the toilet cistern into the toilet bowl. Remember that the float rises with the level of the water and tells the inlet valve when to shut off the flow of water. When the water level has reached its desired level but still does not stop off the flow then there is a possible issue with the inlet valve. When the water keeps rising and spills through the overflow pipe on the outlet valve and then into the bowl, then you will need to check the inlet valve, flush the toilet and, as the water rises, gently lift the metal or plastic arm that holds the float until you hear the water stop. Note: If you need to pull it up hard to stop the flow then the inlet valve may need to be replaced as there could be a crack in the plastic seat. If the water stops with only gentle pressure, the inlet valve is OK, and the problem is caused by the float which just needs and adjustment.

Adjust the Inlet Valve height

A screw at the top of the inlet valve allows you to adjust the water level of the float. With this adjustment, you should be able to reduce the level of the water so as to prevent the water from overflowing into the tank. If the adjustment fails to stop water from running into the overflow pipe, then the problem very likely is the inlet valve.

Turn Off the Water

If you test the inlet valve as described above and the water doesn’t stop, the problem is with the ballcock itself. Though it’s possible to repair a broken ballcock, it’s usually best to replace the whole assembly:

After turning off the water at the shutoff valve, flush the toilet and hold down the handle to remove most of the water from the tank. Remove the excess water at the bottom of the tank with a sponge.

Replace the Inlet Valve

Remove the water pipe whether it be copper or a flexible connection that connects to the bottom of the toilet cistern and the shut off mini tap which is either inside the cistern lid or below the cistern to one side. Multi Grips and a Shifter will be your best tools for this job.

Test the Outlet Valve

If you notice that there is no water in the toilet cistern and the water is still running but drains constantly then the problem lies with the outlet water valve.  They are all a little different, but the one thing that most have in common is a twist to release concept.  If you reach down to the base of the outlet valve and twist it to the side it should release and be able to be pulled out.

Once you have it out you can inspect the rubber.  The problem can be that the rubber has swollen and therefore gets stuck on the side as it goes up and down the valve and therefore does not come back to rest down over the outlet pipe.  This causes the water to past underneath it.  The cheapest and best solution is to buy the correct outlet rubber and refit it.  Remember it goes back in the same way it came out.

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Mould Prevention & Rising Damp Solutions

Mould Prevention and Rising Damp

Damp and water that seeps though the walls whether in a garage or a downstairs room is not pleasant. Rising damp and in some cases actual running water can cause mould and cause certain respiratory issues especially in young children.

Sometimes the main cause can be rain and the rain water not being able to drain correctly or find a way around the property or house and therefore pools at a wall at the lowest point and slowly seeps inside. With the right solution, which differs property to property we can prevent this from occurring again. Sometimes this can be solved by a simple drainage and pump installations, but some solutions to be very honest in 90% of instances require a few extra dollars and medium to major work.

We isolate the problem. Find a way to remove excess water. Repair all possible points that can cause water to enter the building and waterproof the problem areas. We also make a way for the water to be removed so it does not continue to pool behind the wall.

There is a lot more that we do also so as to prevent water gaining access to the building and causing mould and other problems.

Give us a call and we can provide you with a rising damp or water flooding solution.

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