Plumbers Needed

Plumbing Jobs Available

We have jobs all over Australia and need plumbers to care for those who call on us for assistance. Most of our work consists of Rinnai Gas Hot water Heaters and Grease Traps and full restaurant Plumbing, Drainage and Gasfitting.

If you found this page then obviously you are aware of our internet presence.

We have permanent web designers and marketing staff working on our website so as to maintain good exposer though Google and other search engines.

We are well aware of the cost involved in having any news paper ad and other forms of advertising and we are not trying to get rich but keep our site high on google and your contribution will aid this and you will greatly benefit from it also.

This is not a franchise and you will not be working directly for Scooper Plumbing. All calls you receive become your client. We are not after a percentage of the work you do. All calls became a client that you can develop and have for as long as you care for them. Think of how many jobs you can have out of one customer.  Our aim is to just keep the phone ringing.


  • ABN
  • Fully Licenced and Insured (Gas and Plumbing Licence)
  • Well Presented business
  • Grease Trap Knowledge
  • Beneficial to have a Jetter and Camera as we get a few Jets
  • No cheap budget undercutting plumbers.  We seek to maintain a respect for the plumbing Industry.
  • Good communication and response time


Each City is divided into 4-6 sections. And for only $44-55 per a week your phone number will be listed next to says for example “Melbourne Northern Suburbs”. Keeping in mind the work that we get makes $50 a week peanuts as any grease trap job can be minimum a weeks work to a months work.

One Rinnai install will pay for more then 12 weeks of being listed on our site.

We are located on the north side of Sydney and due to the fact that we get calls from all around Australia we have started to expand our website to facilitate this interest. Our whole business is website based. We do not do any work for builders, only by choice. We will do the occasional job for them but as we just specialise in Rinnai’s and Grease Traps we do not have any time to do work for Builders where you only make $500 or so a day.

Search for Grease Trap, grease traps, Rinnai 26 and google suggestions at the bottom.  See how we go.

If you are interested then give me a call and we can have you listed in no time.

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