Repairing A Cracked Or Damaged Grease Trap

Is Repairing A Cracked Or Damaged Grease Trap Possible?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: Yes

Some grease traps can be and other grease traps can not.

Also depends on accessibility. Some commercial kitchens and restaurants have concrete, plastic or fibreglass grease traps in the most inaccessible place known to man. Having said that though, sometimes the only solution in this scenario is to repair. Please read and see if your system is repairable.

Concrete Grease Traps

Concrete Grease Traps are possible to repair.  It takes great effort and expense to do so though.  The cracked area needs to be cut away and patched up according the the best practices to bond concrete.  The whole concrete grease trap needs to be ground back to a rough surface and a very high quality resin needs to be used to bond to the concrete grease trap walls and base and to make a completely water tight seal.  Off course this procedure is more involved then what we have just mentioned but you may get the idea that this can be done but will be costly.  In some cases this is your only option and replacing the concrete grease trap system will not be possible.

Plastic Grease Traps

Plastic Grease Traps are less likely to need repairing as they are long lasting and durable.  But for this example lets look at how they can be repaired.  If there has been a break or crack in the plastic grease trap it needs to cleaned out thoroughly and sanded back to a raw plastic surface with no contaminates around the damaged area.  A large piece of plastic provided to you by the grease trap manufacturer can be plastic welded over the damaged area on the plastic grease trap.  If this is done correctly it will be a permanent repair.  This makes plastic grease traps long term friendly.

Fibre Glass Grease Traps

Like Plastic Grease Traps, Fibre Glass Grease Traps can be repaired.  In much of a similar way also.  The break or crack area needs to be thoroughly cleaned and sanded back to a raw fibre glass surface with no contaminates.  A large piece of fibre glass needs to be applied over the damaged area on the fibre glass grease trap.  If this is done correctly it can be a long lasting repair.  This would be a good opportunity to re glass the whole grease trap tank as they age and the fibres start to pull away from the walls.  But to answer the initial question, fibre glass tanks can be repair successfully.

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