Rinnai B26 Builders Hot Water System. $500 Rebate Electric to Gas Conversion

$500 Rebate when you convert to gas. (Sydney only)

Rinnai B26 or Rinnai Infinity 26 hot water system has a $150 Discount this week only.

Current price is $1699 installed. Price includes the use of 4 metres of copper pipe. When and or if we need more then 4 metres we charge an extra $49 per metre installed including pipe, welding, fittings and labour.

Rebate Offer by Jemena read more

Example Hot Water Rebate on a Rinnai B26 Installed in Greenwich

Rinnai b26 Installation in Greenwich Sydney

The house was a beautiful sandstone home. We removed the old Rheem 315 litre hot water system and fitted a new Rinnai Infinity Builders 26 model on the sandstone wall. We needed to shave the sandstone back a little to allow for the Rinnai hot water heater to sit flush against the wall. We gently smoothed the area back so no one would ever notice the recess in the sandstone.
The Rinnai b 26 was just above the gas pipe and the water pipe which makes for a cost effective installation. The hot water pipe though was under the house where the old electric hot water system was. We needed to run an extra 5 metres inside to under the house to connect onto the existing hot water service.
With the job completed and the family all happy to have hot water again the cost for this job was only $1699 plus 4 extra metres at @$49 per metre. Total $1895. He also received a $500 cash back rebate from Jemena for going from an electric 315 litre hot water heater to a gas hot water system.
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