Rinnai B26 Installation Special Ends 30th of April

Rinnai B26 Hot Water Install Special Ends 30th of April

Rinnai B26 Installation Special Ends on the 30th of this Month. Costs only $1699 which includes the Rinnai Infinity B26, labour and materials.

This quote includes 4 metres of copper pipe to do the installation.  If more copper is required then we charge each metre supplied, installed and with all other needed materials associated to run that extra metre only $49 per metre.

So if your job requires only 7 metres of copper to complete the Rinnai B26 Install then the total cost will be only 3 extra metres at $49 = $147 + the Package price of $1699 = $1846 Including GST

Please read our article on how to work out if you need any extra copper and to find out how much it will cost.

How to Quote Your Hot Water System Installation. Price/ Cost Breakdown Article.

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