Rinnai Infinity B26 Builders Range Installed $1549

Rinnai Infinity B26 Installed for only $1549

The Rinnai Infinity B26 is a Builders Preferred model, or what Rinnai calls it a Builders Range Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System. It is exactly like the Standard Rinnai Infinity 26 in every way except it’s colour which is greyish, the warranty is 10 years instead of 12 years.  If anything is going to go wrong with a Rinnai 26 it will happen in the first 2 years generally.


What comes with this quote?

Rinnai Infinity B26 Builders Range
Rinnai Infinity B26 Builders Range

1 x Rinnai Infinity B26 New model 6.1 STAR energy hot water system Installation of the new Rinnai B26 on the wall Removal of your old hot water heater as long as one person with a trolley can remove it safely.  Please let us know if it may be difficult to remove before we came out so we can make a plan to get it out.  There may be no extra charge to remove but please inform us anyway. We don’t want our backs to give in if we can avoid it.


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