What size Grease Trap Do I need?

Q: What size Grease Trap Do I need?

A: Refer to the table below for help. Keep in mind though that if you are not a business that has sit down customers such as a Take away or a Food Preparation business then you fit into the category of Grease Trapsfewer than 69 seats. A point of caution is that if you have a small Grease Trapand a large water usage then you may find that you have to have your Grease Trappumped out regularly. As pump outs are over $200.00 each time, the cost of installing a larger system may be the most cost effective option. Deciding to install a Grease Trapat your business is not for those interested in being involved in this business for only a few years, but rather you are expecting be in this business for the long term. With this in mind, a bigger Grease Trapcan be Cheaper. Something to ponder over.

Examples of Uses:

Canteens, Cafeterias, Restaurants, Food Courts etc.
Grease Arrestor Capacity

Weight (Kg) Approx.

Discharge up to 1,100L/day, typically up to 69 seats
500 litre


Discharge up to 1,100L/day, typically up to 69 seats
1000 litre


Discharge up to 3,200L/day, typically 70 to 199 seats
1500 litre


Discharge up to 6,400L/day, typically 200 to 399 seats
2000 litre


Discharge up to 9,600L/day, typically 400 to 599 seats
3000 litre


Discharge up to 12,800L/day, typically 600 to 799 seats
4000 litre


Discharge up to 16,000L/day, typically 800 to 1000 seats
5000 litre


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