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Blocked Drain Worst Case

Drain Camera Inside Pipe

Drain Camera Inside Pipe

Tree Roots inside the PVC Drain Pipe

Tree Roots inside the PVC Drain Pipe

What happens when my drain gets blocked or overflows?

This is generally the process.

First we come out and attempt to clear the blocked pipe. 90% of blockages are cleared in the first 60 mins. If not we can keep trying to unblocked the drain for a little longer if we feel it will clear.

If for some reason it will not unblock, we can attempt entering the drain pipe from the opposite end. If it still will not clear we can locate where it is blocked and give you a quote to dig down to the blocked drain and repair and replace the damaged drain section. Digging up a drain can cost a little more then you would expect. Minimum dig up costs could be $2000. Average though is closer to $4000- $8000. Repairing blocked drains have even cost up to $40,000 – $50,000.

All plumbing business are the same in relations to the cost involved in this kind of work. Beware of cheap services that have some interesting hidden cost. Cheap dig up cost always results in cheap patches not drain sections being replaced with heavy duty PVC sewer grade drainage piping.

Something to keep in mind.

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