What type of Grease Trap Tank or System should I get?

Q: What type of System should I get?

A: It will depend on the position the Grease Trap is to be installed. We alternate between three Companies solely based on the actual ability to fit it through door ways, take them up or down stairs or fit them in that room. Each choice is site specific. Both Companies make great products.

The two types of systems that we personally recommend are the Fibre Glass grease traps and the Poly/Plastic grease trap tanks. Both are made to meet all of your Local Authority Standards and are long lasting.

Concrete tanks need to have an Epoxy lining applied each year which no body does and for this reason they break down rapidly due to the cement being porous. This can be very costly.

One company makes the High Quality Fibre Glass Grease Traps and other Tanks and the other 2 Company makes High Quality Poly/Plastic Grease Traps and other Tanks. Both systems come with industry standard 7 year warranties.

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