Sydney Blocked Drains

 If you live in Sydney and have a blocked drain and are experiencing problems with the drain pipe and it is overflowing or the drainage system is smelly then please give Scooper Plumbing a call.
We have the right equipment to clear drains quickly which not only saves you money but unblocks the sewer, storm water drain very well.  Happy to explain our cost to you so you are sure what you are looking at.  We do not do fancy pricing that tricks people with $49-$99 Blocked Drain Service with no explanation.  Read Below for Blocked Drain prices and costs.
Drainage Repair
Drainage Repair
Drain Repair
Drain Repair

Blocked Drains Sydney

Drainage Overflowing?

Blocked drain service in Sydney.  Drains cleared from $99 for sinks and hand basins and $280 for the big main drain machine called the Jetter.  This Jetter is a High pressure water machine for blocked drainage.  Don’t be misled by cheap drain offers.  $99 is for just the sinks and it is more expensive for the main drainage pipe blocked drains as larger more expensive equipment is needed to remove blockages in large drain pipes.

Drain Clearing Rates

No hidden surprises.

From $99 for our Manual main drain plunger devices. First 30 minutes at the job. Where No motorized drain equipment is required you pay normal plumbing rates at $49 Including GST per 30 mins.

Drainage Machine Hire(Jetter) Including Tradesperson Only $280 Including GST for the first hour.

Drain Machine Hire and Tradesperson are charged out after the first hour in 15 minute blocks at a rate of $66.00 Including GST.  Average drain clearing jobs take 1 hour.

Drainage Machine hire is the Drain High pressure water Jetter, or Drain Camera and Location Device if required.

Emergency Blocked Drain Action Plan:
1:   Keep the kids away from the effected area.
2:   Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It is able to be solved.  We can help.
3:   Call a Plumber who is equipped to unblock your drainage pipe. Example us. Ph: 1300 654 592 or 0414 881 651
4:   Try to turn any taps off that are draining to the now blocked drain.
5:   Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn’t.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
6:    Wait for the Scooper Plumbing to sort it out for you.
Drain Camera Inspection this month with all jobs requiring the Drain High pressure water Jetter at half price. Saving you $120.

Experiencing one of these problems: blocked toilet, blocked sink, overflowing drains, overflowing sewerage, blocked stormwater, clogged drains for grease traps.  If so we can help.

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