Mould Prevention & Rising Damp Solutions

Mould Prevention and Rising Damp

Damp and water that seeps though the walls whether in a garage or a downstairs room is not pleasant. Rising damp and in some cases actual running water can cause mould and cause certain respiratory issues especially in young children.

Sometimes the main cause can be rain and the rain water not being able to drain correctly or find a way around the property or house and therefore pools at a wall at the lowest point and slowly seeps inside. With the right solution, which differs property to property we can prevent this from occurring again. Sometimes this can be solved by a simple drainage and pump installations, but some solutions to be very honest in 90% of instances require a few extra dollars and medium to major work.

We isolate the problem. Find a way to remove excess water. Repair all possible points that can cause water to enter the building and waterproof the problem areas. We also make a way for the water to be removed so it does not continue to pool behind the wall.

There is a lot more that we do also so as to prevent water gaining access to the building and causing mould and other problems.

Give us a call and we can provide you with a rising damp or water flooding solution.

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