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As Trade Waste Plumbers We Install Oil Water Separators & Wash Bay Equipment.

We are Trade Waste Plumbers or installers of Trade Waste equipment for different wash bay equipment or oil water separator suppliers and manufacturers.

We install and construct the wash bays.

There are many good quality wash bay equipment companies throughout Australia and our job is to support them in providing the end user with a quality wash bay or oil water separator installation.

One of the reasons that we favor different companies is that every job is different and may require a certain product that is best suited to a particular wash bay installation.  For this reason we can recommend which water treatment system may be best whether it is a oil water separator or a water filtration recycling separating system.  Either way we are happy to quote your wash bay and we can give you multiple options on which system may be preferred.

We encourage the use of the following Australian suppliers of Wash Bay equipment such a Clearmake or MAK Water, Cleanawater, Balwin or ISSProjects .  These companies are excellent and the quality of there products of the highest quality in Australia.

Wash Bay Construction Costs, Pricing, Time Estimates

Naturally all projects are different and the cost are going to vary greatly depending on the needs of your company.  With all of the regulations surrounding the environmental impact that oil and grease can have on our environment the degree of any one project will vary as to the oil is going to be separated and how it is going to be stored and how the water overflow or storm water run off that lands either on to the wash bay slab or onto the roof over the top of the wash bay all needs to be taken into consideration.

Some projects can be quite straight forward and a roofed area is already provided and a oil water separator can be installed along with the catchment tanks and filters and pump etc.  Some jobs on the other hand need to have a roof built over the wash bay and others without roofs need special conditions applied to the diverting of the storm water system so when it rains the rain does not wash the oil from the wash bay slab down in to the local creek or water way.

So with this all in mind it is best to call me out so I can give you an idea on the best way forward and which suppliers equipment will be best suited to your project.

Clearwater MAK Water Oil Water Separator for heavy vehicle equipment wash bays
Cleanawater Oil Water Separator for heavy vehicle equipment wash bays

What is a Oil Water Separator?

An oil water separator (OWS) is a piece of equipment designed to separate oil from water and to direct the water or the oil into separate areas. The oil is generally diverted to a catchment area so it can be stored and removed where as the water can be diverted to multiple options.

One is for the water to be drained to the sewerage system.

Another is for the water to be collected by a storage tank and it to be re-used for washing down the heavy equipment, truck, machinery cars or industrial equipment. This method is widely used as the conservation of water is very important.

Another avenue is the water can be drained into a storage tank and filtered and discharged safety if allowable to the storm water. There are multiple uses and types of oil-water separators and each system is quite unique.

We engage many different suppliers of Wash Bay equipment such a Clearmake or MAK Water, Cleanawater or ISSProjects all dependent on the clients needs. All these companies are excellent and the projects are of the highest quality.

Trade Waste Wash Bay Plumbers NSW

We are Professional Trade Waste Plumbers with in depth knowledge of wash bay plumbing and design and oil water separator installation requirements.

We have traveled throughout NSW for Heavy equipment wash bays for the mines.

Oil water separators generally are designed to treat contaminants in water including free floating oil, emulsified oil, dissolved oil and suspended solids. Not all oil water separators separate all contaminants.

Oil Water Separation factors are:

Oil droplet size (in the feed to the separator)
Oil density
Water viscosity (temperature)
Discharge water quality desired
Feed oil concentration and the range of oil concentrations likely
Feed oil water flow (daily and peak hourly)

Trade Waste Plumber

Shannon Cooper is my name.

I have been heavily involved in the Trade Waste aspect of the plumbing industry for around 15 years now.  Please if you have a question you want to run by me then please give me a call