Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater 265L Outdoor – 631265

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater – 265L Outdoor – 631265 Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters have been designed to supply large quantities of hot water. The cylinder is protected by multiple anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel. Multi-Fin™ technology means faster, more efficient heating Electronic ignition for economy Equa-Flow® system allows for flexibility in installation Digital adjustable thermostat to 82°C for sanitisation applications BMS option available – see downloads 5 year Commercial warranty on cylinder* 12 month warranty on parts and labour*

Trap Repair for the Sink & Hand Basin

Trap Repairs for the Sink and Hand Basin Sink or basin trap repairs are a common issue as sometimes the trap plumbing under the kitchen sink or wash hand basin gets knocked about by something or somebody puts pressure on the weak plastic mainly the locking nut. The water starts to pass by the rubber water seal and begins leaking into the cupboard causing water damage which can be beyond repair. Trap Repair Solution How to stop a P or S trap from leaking. Option one: Never use the tap continue reading

Rheem 27 vs Rinnai Infinity 26 Review & Price

Rheem 27 & Rheem Metro Max 26 Review vs the Rinnai 26 &  B26 Straight off the bat they are both manufactured by excellent companies with fantastic follow up service.  I can not say a bad word about either Rheem or Rinnai when it comes to their support surrounding a warranty issue. All of my experiences have been very pleasant even though after installing hundreds of both the Rinnai and Rheem hot water systems I have only had a few minor issues. Such as a Rinnai Infinity had the internal fan which was continue reading

Rheem Stellar 360 Review 160 Litre Hot Water System. Installed $1699

Rheem Stellar 360 Installed $1699 Rheem Stellar 360 is a 160 Litre Storage Gas Hot Water Heater that has an amazing hot water recovery rate (The speed in which the water gets hot again). An amazing 200 litres per hour recovery. The perfect hot water system for any household or small block of flats. My personal review of this system is that it is the best domestic storage hot water system and even perfect for small blocks of flats and apartments. We have installed the Rheem Stellar 360 on a continue reading

Vulcan Hot Water Systems Prices

Vulcan Hot Water Systems Vulcan Hot Water made by Rheem Australia are a great choice for your place. Quality made product. Vulcan offer great service backed by Rheem if ever required. Full range of Vulcan hot water heater tank quickly available including sizes, 50 electric, 80 electric, 125 electric, 135 gas, 160l gas, 250l electric, 315 litre electric, 400 electric Call for our best prices and fast service

How To Repair a Leaking Toilet

How To Repair a Leaking Toilet Inspect the Inlet and Outlet Valves Get a good visual of what is going on in there.  Sometimes just a few minutes of just taking in how everything seems to work can maybe save you hours. If the water level rises above the overflow of the outlet valve which is the one in the middle, the problem may be with the float or the inlet valve. The inlet valve is connected to the water pipe and the outlet valve is what drains the water continue reading

Mould Prevention & Rising Damp Solutions

Mould Prevention and Rising Damp Damp and water that seeps though the walls whether in a garage or a downstairs room is not pleasant. Rising damp and in some cases actual running water can cause mould and cause certain respiratory issues especially in young children. Sometimes the main cause can be rain and the rain water not being able to drain correctly or find a way around the property or house and therefore pools at a wall at the lowest point and slowly seeps inside. With the right solution, which continue reading

How Do I Know Where My Drain is Blocked

Blocked Drain Issues. When and Where. How do you know if you have a blocked drain on its way.  Where is my drain blocked, and can I work out where? We will aim to answer some of these questions for you. Australian drainage Standard are among the best in the world. When you travel around the world you very often smell sewage when you walk the streets and stay at high quality accommodation. In Australia though this is a absolute NO NO. If you ever smell the sewer then something continue reading

How Much Hot Water Will I Use Each Day

How much hot water will I or my household/ business use each day? Kitchen tap uses about 9 litres per minute. Shower tap uses about 6 litres of hot water per minute. Hand Basin tap uses about 6 litres per minute. Washing Machine uses about 9 litres per minute. Dishwasher should not be connected to the hot water pipe.  You can void your warranty. How to Calculate How many minutes do you use each of the taps above?  How much of this is used with in the same hour period? Divide this by continue reading

Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding

Misunderstandings About Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems: Hopefully this can clear up a Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding. Many people have the understanding that the hot water takes longer to get to the tap with a Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System than if you had a large storage hot water heater.  This is a misconception as there is only a 1 second delay as the water flow switch turns on the gas the moment you turn on the hot water tap.  People who make these comments have the continue reading