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Rinnai 26 price. Continuous flow gas hot water system which delivers 26 litres a minute 25 degrees greater then cold water temperature for a very cheap price.

Bonus Rebate. Rinnai B26 or Rinnai Infinity 26 Comparison Review, Price & Installation Cost

Free Temperature Adjustment with Each New Rinnai Infinity 26 or Rinnai B26 this Month $500 Rebate Available. To be eligible to participate in and claim this offer, individuals (“Participant”) must: purchase and install a Natural Gas hot water system as a replacement for their existing non-Natural Gas hot water system between 1 April 2019 and 31 October 2019 Rinnai Installation Service Available. Call us for a quote. Check out our Google Reviews 2019 Rinnai B26 or Infinity 26 Short Review Comparison. Which Is Better? Rinnai B26 or Infinity 26 You can buy the one or the other.  They are both excellent