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Unblock Blocked Drain and Drainage Repair Service

Blocked drains, drainage system, blocked sewer pipe

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Tree Roots in the Drain Pipe
  • Blocked sinks, basins & tubs
  • Blocked showers Cleared
  • Blocked baths
  • Blocked toilets
  • Blocked grease traps and septic systems
  • Blocked storm water drains
  • Drain equipment we use:
  • High pressure water jetting
  • Electric eel drain cleaning
  • Drain Camera for easy drain damage location. CCTV drain camera survey

We unblock drains and make drainage repairs on residential, industrial and commercial premises, for home owners, Real Estate Agents and Strata Management Services. We have the most efficient and effective drain clearing equipment on our vehicles which allows us to save you money by getting the drain blockage removed as fast as possible.

Drainage Overflowing? Blocked Drains Repaired as Quickly as Possible.
Blocked Drain Service

Blocked Drain Types

The Jetter which is a high water pressure machine for blocked drainage pipes. The high pressure water is like a water blaster designed for tree roots and drain blockages.  The water cuts the blocked and helps wash it down the drain.

There are two types of blockages.  One type is what we call a local drain blockage, which is a drain blockage near to the toilet “S” bend and or the sink or basin “S” bend. The second type is a blocked in the main or larger external drain pipe.  Different equipment is needed for these two different options. Local blockages can be sorted out with drain hand tools where as the larger drains need the petrol powered Jetter water drain machine or the Electric Eel drain machine.  Naturally the Drain Jetter costs more then the hand tools.  It is always more expensive for the main drain pipe blockage to be unblocked as larger more expensive equipment is needed to remove blockages in the  larger drainage system.

Blocked Drain Time Frame

The average drain clearing jobs take 45 minutes- 1.5 hours.
Drainage Machine hire is the Drain High Pressure Water Jetter, or Drain Camera and Location Device if required.

Drain Inspection Camera for Investigating Blocked Drain Pipes

Using a drainage camera with location a device you can locate the exact location in the drain pipe of the crack, broken or collapsed section of the drain.
Drain Inspection Camera for Investigating Blocked Drain Pipes

Drain Inspection Equipment

Drain Camera Inspection is available if you wish and is advisable if you have your drain unblocked regularly or you are concerned that your drainage system is getting worse. Clearing a blocked drain pipe is like a hair cut.  The roots will if not removed grow back into the drain system.  This is something that cannot be avoided without repairing the sewer or storm water drain pipe.  At this stage you have the option of viewing the condition of the drainage pipes and assess whether or not it is best to have that section of drainage removed or repaired so the drain blockage does not return and cost you further inconvenience and cost on a regular bases.

Drain Inspection Benefits

We are able to locate the problem within the drain pipe within a metre of the break or damaged section of the pipe that is now causing the roots to invade the drainage system.  This saves thousands of dollars because you do not have to dig up the whole yard, driveway to locate the problem.  Therefore saving time, money and disruption to your routine.  So a drain camera inspection is and can be a good investment.

Drain Camera Location Time Frame

To locate the drain damage with the camera after the drainage system has been cleared takes about 45min- 1hour & 15min on average.  You can not see the damaged drain section if the drain is still blocked due to it being fill of dirty water.  In the event that the drain can not be unblocked it is possible though to put the camera down a blocked drain to use only the location signal coming from the camera lens itself to isolate where the camera has stopped in the full blocked drain.  This of course is no guarantee that the camera has stopped at the crack/broken drain pipe as nothing is visible due to the dirty water.  This may be a possible option on where to start digging.

Emergency Blocked Drain Action Plan

  1. Keep the kids away from the blocked drain affected area.
  2.  Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It can be solved!  We can help!
  3.  Call a Plumber who is equipped to unblock your drainage pipe.
  4.  Try to turn any taps off that are draining into the now blocked drain.
  5.  Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn’t.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
  6.  Scooper Plumbing will be there shortly to sort it out the drain blockage for you.

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