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Trap Repair for the Sink & Hand Basin

Trap Repairs for the Sink and Hand Basin Sink or basin trap repairs are a common issue as sometimes the trap plumbing under the kitchen sink or wash hand basin gets knocked about by something or somebody puts pressure on the weak plastic mainly the locking nut. The water starts to pass by the rubber water seal and begins leaking into the cupboard causing water damage which can be beyond repair. Trap Repair Solution How to stop a P or S trap from leaking. Option one: Never use the tap again. Not possible. More to option 2. Option 2: Try

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How to Repair Old Taps

How to repair old taps with a plastic or brass washer? Turn the water off! 1: First of all you need to work out what type of handles you have and how on earth you are going to get the tap handles off. Tap handles that have a “x” or “t” handle will have either a lock nut on the top which is easy to work out and others will have a two slotted locking nut that sits underneath the handle and is unlocked by using a small spanner thingy with two turned up ends that slot into the tap

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Leaking Toilet

Leaking Toilet Problems It is always annoying when your toilet is leaking and you have the constant noise whilst it fills up every few minutes.  Leaking toilet noise is even more frustrating when you are trying to sleep.  Leaking toilet repairs are not as hard as you may think even though some of the new toilet cisterns are very tricky to repair. Please feel free to contact us and let us know what system you have in advance so we can try to have the right replacement toilet parts for you when we arrive.  This will save you money on

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