Trap Repair for the Sink & Hand Basin

Trap Repairs for the Sink and Hand Basin

Sink or basin trap repairs are a common issue as sometimes the trap plumbing under the kitchen sink or wash hand basin gets knocked about by something or somebody puts pressure on the weak plastic mainly the locking nut. The water starts to pass by the rubber water seal and begins leaking into the cupboard causing water damage which can be beyond repair.

Trap Repair Solution

How to stop a P or S trap from leaking.

Option one: Never use the tap again. Not possible. More to option 2.

Option 2: Try to tighten the locking nut on the trap itself. It simple may just be loose. Don’t over tighten the nut as you may damage it and make it come loose.


Some Traps especially traps called Bottle Traps have a slip joint that can leak easily. So how can you stop the slip joint on a Trap from leaking? In much the same as previously stated. Try to just tighten up the trap nut. This should work as the water in the sink or basin trap should not be higher then this nut. So only water passing by this point will put any pressure or water load on this joint.

If all else fails please just drop us a email and we will call you right back.