Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding

Misunderstandings About Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems:

Hopefully this can clear up a Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding. Many people have the understanding that the hot water takes longer to get to the tap with a Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System than if you had a large storage hot water heater.  This is a misconception as there is only a 1 second delay as the water flow switch turns on the gas the moment you turn on the hot water tap.  People who make these comments have the understanding that the storage hot water systems have the hot water waiting right there just beneath the tap spout. Well we all know that the hot water that once ran through the pipes 10 minutes ago is going to possibly be cold by now.  Static hot water that is in the pipework that is now cold needs to be pushed out of the tap as the hot water comes from the hot water storage tank.  The hot water pushes out the cold water as it does with a continuous flow hot water heater also.  So the systems do work the same.  They both need to push out the hot water that has now gone cold and this takes time which all depends on how long a distances it is from the hot water system to the hot water tap you have just turned on.