How Much Will My Gas Hot Water System Cost to Install or Change Over

How to quote your own hot water installation job?

Gas Hot Water System Cost for change over or a new installation.

We can change a gas storage(tank hot water cylinder) hot water heater over to a new Continuous flow like a Rinnai Infinity or a Rheem Continuous flow gas hot water system with using only 4 metres of copper tube. What you need to check for is a 20mm gas pipe which hopefully is right near to the current gas hot water heater. A 20mm pipe is about the size of your thumb.

If it is not right behind the hot water heater or near by, follow the gas pipe along the wall until it increases in size. From a 15mm(little finger size) pipe to a larger one. Calculate the amount of metres from the water heater to the increased gas pipe. Add this on to the 4 metre installation rule and multiply the extra copper metres by $49. This will give you a clear idea on the Gas Hot Water System Cost.  This same rule can be applied to the cold water supply also.

What is Included:

  • Installation of the NEW Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heater.  Any Brand. Rnnai Infinity, Rheem, Bosch and AquaMax. Brand New
    Model). All fixings Supplied.
  • Connections made to Cold and Hot water & gas pipes. Pipes must be at least 20mm for the gas
    pipe and a 20mm cold water pipe. The hot water pipe will connect on
    to the existing hot water piping system in the most efficient spot
    or where you prefer.
  • Delivery of the Hot water
    heater is included
  • Includes plumbing valves, fixings, Copper bends & parts and 4 metres of copper tube
  • Over 4 metres of copper tube
    is charged at $49 a metre. Which includes labour, copper, parts,
    bends and Gas for Welding?
  • Removal of old hot water heater if needed.  Includes electrical disconnection. Not electrical isolation at the main power board which needs to be done by a qualified Electrician.

What is Excluded:

  • Does not include Electrical work for a power point or the old electric hot water heater power
    being isolated at the electrical meter. An Electrician can be arranged if you wish. Average cost are between $150 -250.
  • Controller installation is not
    included in this package. Time to install a controller is about 1 hour each if accessible through walls or under the floor. Some houses are to difficult or to costly to run a single or multiple controllers. We can install controllers just on a hourly rate bases. Takes about 1 hour each.
  • Any questions, Please do not hesitate to Call.
  • All installation jobs can be paid after the installation is completed, if this is more comfortable for you.

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