Grease Trap Drain Maintenance

Grease Trap Drain Maintenance

Grease traps are a necessary evil for the owners of a café, restaurant, butcher, bakery or the many other businesses requiring a grease trap.  The Grease needs to be removed at set intervals to prevent the drainage system from building up with grease and fats and reducing the diametre of the Trade Waste drainage lines to zero. Fat in the drainage pipe goes hard as the cold water turns oil into a solid like the fat left over on a pan that you washed the next day.

This can cause a number of issues:

  1. Costly lengthy drain cleaning and clearing work during the peak operating hours of your trading day
  2. Potential loss of trade due to the shop flooding with grease water or the car park grease trap overflowing causing customers discomfort due to the smell of the grease trap water and fats
  3. Tenants complaining to centre Management over and over again, creating a strained relationships within the Shopping Centre

Grease Trap Cleaning Solution

You are going to have to pay a lot of money over the year to repair, fix, solve these issues when they arrive.  Emergency options are always more expensive then Preventative Maintenance.  We can help with Grease Trap blockage emergencies, but what is better then that and more cost effective is having a preventative maintenance plan in place.  How does this work!

Drainage Overflowing? Blocked Drains Repaired as Quickly as Possible.
Fats and Oils Blocked Drain Service

Grease Trap Preventative Maintenance Plan:

  • We need to visit your Shopping Centre or Building and Tailor the program for your needs.  We are confident that after a review of your current grease trap costs and treatments you may be using we are able to reduce your outgoing by 30%  This can be quite substantial when you are spending $10000 to $200000 per year on grease trap maintenance
  • We need access to all the drainage diagrams of the building so as to have the full scope so we do not leave any, whats called branch drains and other drainage pipes of the cleaning list.
  • Once we are underway and have a schedule drawn up, we visit weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever is required to treat the Trade Waste system
  • We can advise on pre-treatment systems that can separate the solids and flours (McDonalds,KFC) from the line before it reaches the main grease trap.  This can save you thousands of dollars in grease pump outs by halving the required  amount you need to do.

Grease Trap Line Drain Cleaning Cost

$220 per 60 min using Large Petrol Powered Drain High Warm Water Pressure Drain Machine

Read below for drain cost details please:

  • $220 per 60 minutes – This is when we require the Jetter or petrol powered high water pressure drain machine that can cut through 90% of blocked drains in 30 minutes.  It is advisable to spend some more time slowly clearing and cleaning the drain pipe to eliminate any potential future blockage causing intrusions.

We unblock drains and clean grease drain line on industrial and commercial premises, for Shopping Centres, Real Estate Agents and Strata Management Services.

Drainage Machine hire is the Drain High Pressure Water Jetter, or Drain Camera and Location Device if required.

A Drain Camera Inspection is available and is advisable if you have your drain unblocked regularly or you are concerned that things are getting worse.
Clearing a blocked drain pipe is like a hair cut.  The roots will if not removed grow back into the system.  This is something that cannot be avoided without repairing the sewer or storm water drain pipe.

Emergency Blocked Drain Action Plan:

1:   Keep peoples away from the affected area.
2:   Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It can be solved!  We can help!
3:   Call a Plumber who is equipped to unblock your drainage pipe.
4:   Try to turn any taps off that are draining into the now blocked drain.
5:   Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn’t.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
6:   Scooper Plumbing will be there shortly to sort it out for you.

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