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Scooper Plumbing are experts at any Grease Trap related issue. Whether it be a repair or it is beyond saving then we can replace it with a new tank system.  If you are starting a new business and need a new grease trap installed or the Council Water Authority has requested that one be installed then we can certainly help.

We can help you design the system so you can save money if possible.

Below ground grease traps are best as they do need need any pumps to transfer the fatty water to the grease trap from the kitchen area. 

Pumps cost money as they fail every few years and sometimes any money spend on the additional cost to install a grease trap into the ground can some what be cheaper in the long run after your pumps have broken 2 to 3 times at a cost of around $1000-1200 give or take.

Grease Traps do not last forever. Especially the older concrete and fibreglass grease trap tanks.  The corrosive material within the fats break down the tank over time and eat away at both the cement and the fibres. The example of the image here shows the exposed metal reinforcment steel as the tank has been corroded away.

Sometimes the tank may appear to be intact but the wall thinkness is so thin that any attempt to repair it is pointless.

We removed a grease trap 2000 litre tank from a golf course and the tank thinkness was less then 5 mm thick and had broken through in many places.

Here we have an example of an above ground grease trap that has busted a few holes that are not repairable.  This is a 100% grease trap replacement job.

Image: Green Tank.

This job required an above ground grease trap and a grease trap pump station as the main sewerage services for the area ran under the cafes near courtyard.

This is an example of what this system could look like if you need to go down this road.

Mid North Coast Grease Trap Leaking
Emergency Action Plan:
1:   Keep the people away from the affected area.
2:   Remain calm.  We understand it is stressful and can create a panic.  It can be solved!  We can help!
3:   Call your pump out company as soon as possible and get the tank emptied.  First take some photos and a video and send them to me so I can give you some advice.
4:  Call Scooper Plumbing as soon as you can.
5:   Try to prevent the overflowing dirty drainage water from going where it shouldn’t.  You could try using old bricks, dirt or something else to redirect the drain water away from important things or places.
6:    Scooper Plumbing Coffs Harbour will be there shortly to help get things repaired.