Rheem Stellar 330 Price, 130 Litre Hot Water System $1599 Installed

Rheem Stellar 330 Installed $1599Rheem Stellar 330 Left & 360 Right

Rheem Stellar 330 is a 130 Litre Storage Gas Hot Water Heater that has an amazing hot water recovery rate. 200 litres per hour recovery.  Perfect hot water system for any household. My personal review of this system is that it is the best domestic storage hot water system and even perfect for small blocks of flats and apartments.

This hot water system installed for $1599 INCL GST Installed

For the Rheem Stellar 330 Stainless Steel Model add an Extra $200 to this price

Increase the system size to a Rheem Stellar 360 price is a little more, the 160l hot water system add an extra $100

(Personal option. Rheem 330 vs 360. It’s not worth the extra cost as it only gives you an extra 30 litres in the first hour.  Rheem Stellar 330 and 360 have the same recovery rate at 200 litres per hour)

What is included? (Change Over, New for Old)

New Rheem Stellar 330

  • 1 x 130 litre Rheem Stellar – 330 litres of hot water in the first hour and 200 litres each hour after that
  • Removal of your old storage gas hot water system
  • Installation of the New Rheem Steller 330 gas hot water system
    Connections made to your existing pipe system
  • If a new hot water main valve is required it will cost an extra $45.  Only a 20% chance.
  • Copper pipe allowance is 4 metres.  Pipe required over 4 metres is an extra $45 per metre installed.
  • Note:  If you are changing from an electric hot water system to a new gas one you may need to extend the gas line to the nearest gas service.  This will cost the same $45 per metre from the hot water position to the existing gas pipe. (Example: extra gas pipe required is 4 metres @ $45 per metre = $180 + the Rheem Stella install cost. Total = $1779

Plumbers Rheem Stellar 330 Review:

The Rheem Stellar 330 and or 360 models are in most plumbers opinions one of the top systems available for large families with room to install a tank.  Great Choice! These systems are almost fully hot before we drive away. Rheem also have a perfect record of follow up warranty service and are super fast.  I only have praise for Rheem.
  • Rheem Stellar’s Massive 330 Litres of hot water in the first hour with only smallish 130 Litre Tank
  • Reheats 200 litres per hour
  • Slim Design.  Round front and square to the wall.
  • 10 year warranty on the storage cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 5 year labour warranty on the cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 12 month warranty on labour and parts
  • 5 star energy rating
  • Innovative styling blends with the external home environment
  • Rheem Steller 330 SuperFlue increases both efficiency and performance