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Under House Water Mould Damp Drainage Solutions

Rising Damp Under house drainage problems Water flowing under the house Moisture under the floor, stairs, house Mould under the house and on the walls Musty smell caused by mould spores Mould growing on the soil dirt under the building or house Condensation under the house or building Drainage problems under and around the building or house House foundation movement Water running under the house Stagnant water under the house Health issues caused by water under the building Water damage causing the bricks to crack or foundations Mould in the house. Black Mould Stormwater not working around the house Water

Mould Prevention & Rising Damp Solutions

Mould Prevention and Rising Damp Damp and water that seeps though the walls whether in a garage or a downstairs room is not pleasant. Rising damp and in some cases actual running water can cause mould and cause certain respiratory issues especially in young children. Sometimes the main cause can be rain and the rain water not being able to drain correctly or find a way around the property or house and therefore pools at a wall at the lowest point and slowly seeps inside. With the right solution, which differs property to property we can prevent this from occurring

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