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We install Hot Water Systems from Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Heaters to Electric Hot Water. Brands like Rinnai, Rheem, Dux, Bosch, Aqua Max.

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater 265L Outdoor – 631265

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas Storage Water Heater – 265L Outdoor – 631265

Rheem Heavy Duty Gas water heaters have been designed to supply large quantities of hot water. The cylinder is protected by multiple anodes and a double layer of vitreous enamel.

  • Multi-Fin™ technology means faster, more efficient heating
  • Electronic ignition for economy
  • Equa-Flow® system allows for flexibility in installation
  • Digital adjustable thermostat to 82°C for sanitisation applications
  • BMS option available – see downloads
  • 5 year Commercial warranty on cylinder*
  • 12 month warranty on parts and labour*
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Rheem 27 vs Rinnai Infinity 26 Review & Price

Rheem 27 & Rheem Metro Max 26 Review vs the Rinnai 26 &  B26

Straight off the bat they are both manufactured by excellent companies with fantastic follow up service.  I can not say a bad word about either Rheem or Rinnai when it comes to their support surrounding a warranty issue.

All of my experiences have been very pleasant even though after installing hundreds of both the Rinnai and Rheem hot water systems I have only had a few minor issues. Such as a Rinnai Infinity had the internal fan which was making a noise and just needed to be realigned. Small issue. Rheem 27 had a wire that was loose and Rheem sorted this out quick sticks.

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Rheem Stellar 360 Review 160 Litre Hot Water System. Installed $1699

Rheem Stellar 360 Installed $1699

Rheem Stellar 360 is a 160 Litre Storage Gas Hot Water Heater that has an amazing hot water recovery rate (The speed in which the water gets hot again). An amazing 200 litres per hour recovery. The perfect hot water system for any household or small block of flats.

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Hot Water System

Rheem Stellar 360 Gas Hot Water System

My personal review of this system is that it is the best domestic storage hot water system and even perfect for small blocks of flats and apartments. We have installed the Rheem Stellar 360 on a block of flats that had 5 studio apartments. Everybody was happy and no one ever complained of no hot water. This could be pushing the limits though in my option, especially if a few shower at the same time of day. Having said that wait 20 mins and your back in the game again.

This hot water system installed for $1699 INCL GST Installed

For the Rheem Stellar 360 Stainless Steel Model add an Extra $200 to this price

(Our Plumbing Companies Option between the Rheem 330 vs 360. It’s not worth the extra cost as it only gives you an extra 30 litres in the first hour.  Rheem Stellar 330 vs 360 have the same recovery rate at 200 litres per hour)

What is included? (Change Over, New for Old)

New Rheem Stellar 360

  • 1 x 160 litre Rheem Stellar – 360 litres of hot water in the first hour and 200 litres each hour after that
  • Removal of your old storage gas hot water system
  • Installation of the New Rheem Steller 360 gas hot water system
    Connections made to your existing pipe system
  • If a new hot water main valve is required it will cost an extra $45.  Only a 20% chance.
  • Copper pipe allowance is 4 metres.  Pipe required over 4 metres is an extra $45 per metre installed.
  • Note:  If you are changing from an electric hot water system to a new gas one you may need to extend the gas line to the nearest gas service.  This will cost the same $45 per metre from the hot water position to the existing gas pipe. (Example: extra gas pipe required is 4 metres @ $45 per metre = $180 + the Rheem Stella install cost. Total = $1779

Plumbers Rheem Stellar 360 Review:

The Rheem Stellar 330 and or 360 models are in most plumbers opinions one of the top systems available for large families with room to install a tank.  Great Choice! These systems are almost fully hot before we drive away. Rheem also have a perfect record of follow up warranty service and are super fast.  I only have praise for Rheem.
  • Rheem Stellar’s Massive 360 Litres of hot water in the first hour with only smallish 130 Litre Tank
  • Reheats 200 litres per hour
  • Slim Design.  Round front and square to the wall.
  • 10 year warranty on the storage cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 5 year labour warranty on the cylinder and SuperFlue
  • 12 month warranty on labour and parts
  • A 5 Star energy efficient water heater with fast replacement of any hot water as it’s used (also known as a huge recovery). It also features mains pressure delivery which means you can run multiple showers at once.
  • Innovative styling blends with the external home environment
  • Rheem Steller 360 SuperFlue increases both efficiency and performance

Model No: Rheem Stellar 360 850360

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Vulcan Hot Water Systems Prices

Vulcan Hot Water Systems

Vulcan Hot Water made by Rheem Australia are a great choice for your place.

Quality made product. Vulcan offer great service backed by Rheem if ever required.

Full range of Vulcan hot water heater tank quickly available including sizes, 50 electric, 80 electric, 125 electric, 135 gas, 160l gas, 250l electric, 315 litre electric, 400 electric

Call for our best prices and fast service


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How Much Hot Water Will I Use Each Day

How much hot water will I or my household/ business use each day?

Kitchen tap uses about 9 litres per minute.

Shower tap uses about 6 litres of hot water per minute.

Hand Basin tap uses about 6 litres per minute.

Washing Machine uses about 9 litres per minute.

Dishwasher should not be connected to the hot water pipe.  You can void your warranty.

How to Calculate

How many minutes do you use each of the taps above?  How much of this is used with in the same hour period? Divide this by the hot water systems recovery period. (Only Gas and Electric Hot Water Systems on a always on electrical tariff have a our recovery rate. Off Peak systems do not have a recovery rate)

When asking the above questions the first thing to keep in mind is that all hot water heaters have different energy sources. Some are electrical and some are gas.  Some electrical hot water systems have the electricity on all the time and some do not.

Some electrical systems are set to turn on at low energy consumption periods of the day and night.  This energy source is referred to as a “off peak tariff”.  You can check on your electrical bill or call your Energy Retailer to find out what tariff you are on and what the times are when the power turns on.  These times can vary slightly during the day. This can be altered or changed to a different Tariff. If you are interested in this type of system then adding up the amount of hot water you will use between these periods of when the power is not reheating your hot water will allow you to come closer to choosing the right size in liitres of stored electric hot water you require.

Electric hot water systems that have the power on all the time can be smaller as they reheat the water as soon as the temperature drops below the set limit on the system.  This allows a smaller unit out perform a larger system that only heats at certain times.  Systems that have constant power also use power at a more expensive electrical rate. But convenience may be more important then having a very large hot water system that may not fit into the allocated area.  These smaller unit come with options of having multiple heating element or energy supplies for rapid re-heating.

Gas storage hot water heaters have a constant energy source that costs the same no matter what time it reheats. They recover very quickly.  In many cases within 30 mins.  So a smaller system lets say about a 80 litre storage system can be ideal for a house with just a shower or a small business just using a sink each hour. Using the bath is a different story as the tank only holds so many litres of hot water.  A average size bath can be serviced by a 80 litre hot water tank but comfortably by a 135 litre tank.  Units like the Rheem Stellar 330 which is a 135 litre system produces a massive 330 litres in the first hour and 180 litres each hour thereafter.  So a smallish looking system can produce plenty of hot water.

Continuous Flow systems are only limited in the hot water they produce by the litres of hot water they can heat up or produce each MINUTE.  They will continue to supply hot water all day if need be. Based on the limitations on these systems per minute supply, it will be unwise to use these systems if you have lots of hot water required at any one time unless you were going to connect multiple continuous flow units together which will in turn create the ultimate hot water system. Example, putting one Continuousflow system in will allow you say 26 litres a minute.  Connect one other next to this and you literally double that per minute output.  The more you join together the greater the capacity.

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Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding

Misunderstandings About Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water Systems:

Hopefully this can clear up a Continuous Flow Hot Water Misunderstanding. Many people have the understanding that the hot water takes longer to get to the tap with a Continuous Flow Gas Hot Water System than if you had a large storage hot water heater.  This is a misconception as there is only a 1 second delay as the water flow switch turns on the gas the moment you turn on the hot water tap.  People who make these comments have the understanding that the storage hot water systems have the hot water waiting right there just beneath the tap spout. Well we all know that the hot water that once ran through the pipes 10 minutes ago is going to possibly be cold by now.  Static hot water that is in the pipework that is now cold needs to be pushed out of the tap as the hot water comes from the hot water storage tank.  The hot water pushes out the cold water as it does with a continuous flow hot water heater also.  So the systems do work the same.  They both need to push out the hot water that has now gone cold and this takes time which all depends on how long a distances it is from the hot water system to the hot water tap you have just turned on.

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